There are many things I can do as your Nurse Advocate.  I can help you...

  • learn more about your medical condition 
  • research diagnosis and treatment options and give assistance with decision-making; explain medical terminology
  • meet you at your medical appointments (do you feel rushed during your appointments or forget what you wanted to ask your doctor once you are there?)
  • suggest caregiver options to support and include in-home care with home health, private duty, home therapy and/or Hospice
  • navigate the options of rehab, assisted living, long-term care
  • assist with Advance Directives and end-of-life decision options
  • coordinate your care by including all of your doctors who do not routinely conference each other but need to be aware of what they are each prescribing as they could possibly be suggesting different treatment options for the same diagnosis. 
  • review your medical bills to see if the cost could be lowered and to assure you are being charged properly

I work with attorneys, realtors, trust officers, estate planners, financial advisors and any other appropriate professional in order to give you the best available information so that you can make the best informed decisions for your desired outcome.

*I am not an attorney or physician and I encourage you to seek their professional services when needed.

This is not an all-inclusive list of possible services, so call to see what I can help you with!

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 What is a Nurse Advocate?

I can help you through the healthcare process, being the bridge between you and your healthcare needs.  I am the gentle voice, with caring guidance and compassion.

  • As your Nurse Advocate I can provide you with the information you need to make the best possible informed decision for your own health care.  It's your body, your health and ultimately your decision.
  • As a nurse I can advocate for you so that your desires be honored with other healthcare providers.

Some Scenarios that could use a Nurse Advocate:

  1. You have parents who reside in Florida but the family is out-of-state. Mom or dad falls, breaks a hip, shoulder, etc. They need rehab and possibly long-term care. Maybe they can no longer live at home on their own. After they are discharged from the hospital or rehab then what?
  2. ​Your parent has just been diagnosed with dementia.  Now what?

Your needs are unique to you, so let me help you to reach your desired  health care outcomes.