About Linda Barrett, RN

Nurse Advocate Solutions was formed after seeing what people go through everyday when a family member falls ill and for that family member to be scared, alone and to not know what direction to go next.

Seeing what my father had to go through when my mother fell critically ill and had to be airlifted from her local hospital to one in a larger city, which was better equipped to care for her needs, opened my eyes to what many families experience day after day. She was in the intensive critical care unit, on a ventilator and she was not expected to survive. My dad was distraught and overwhelmed by everything, not only over the likelihood of losing his wife of over 60 years but did not understand what was happening

medically. There were machines breathing for her, feeding tubes, IVs, numerous doctors and nurses tending to her which was difficult for him to absorb. On top of all that, he had to make end-of-life decisions for her. For someone not in the medical field, the entire scenario was simply too much for him to deal with.  

Being a nurse for over 30 years, I was able to talk to the doctors and nurses on my father's behalf, understand what mother's diagnosis and prognosis was and then translate that into terms that my father could better understand. This allowed him to be able to make any medical decisions for mother based on the facts gathered from the medical staff.

Mother recovered and was discharged from the hospital. I was then able to work with the discharge planner at the hospital to assure an admission for mother to a rehab. I then arranged for home health to come to her home and continue her nursing and therapy care. I was her voice and I helped care for, not only her needs, but my father's feelings and fears through all of this. It is hard to see a family member fall ill but it is harder to be alone and to not have someone that can make sure things are taken care of properly and promptly. Nurse Advocate Solutions was designed, not only for the family member fallen ill but for the family as well. My heart is in what I do and helping others is my passion.

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